We will not term this as “Medical Tourism” like others. Tourism in our opinion cannot happen when you or your dear one is ill or undergoing a treatment.

India is today one of the most favoured medical destination. By 2020, country will surpass 8 million foreign patients mark. This is due to
-Best doctors in the country. India is known to have one of the most able hands in the field of medicine.
-Best nurses and medical staff. United Nations and red cross have on repeated occassions commended Indian nurses for their outstanding contribution.
-Latest and state of the art facilities available in the country.
-Competitively priced treatment costs
-Affordable medicine and post treatment costs.

India has increasingly become popular in urology, organ transplant, infertility treatments, ophthalmology, orthopedics, ent, neurology, cosmetic surgery, cardiology, cancer, dental implants, etc…

Unlike it’s nearby middle east countries where abortion is illegal, abortion is legal in India until 20 weeks of pregnancy. Over the years, there has been a steady rise of women arriving for the procedure.

We can
-Assist in visa process
-Organise assessment of your files with several specialists to have as many opinions as you like prior to travel
-Organise doctor consultations via video conferencing
-Handle everything from the time of your arrival to departure.

What’s more ? everything can be in incognito mode.

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