We offer a wide range of products
-Sight letters of credit
-Usance letters of credit
-Standby letters of credit
-Bank guarantees
-Performance guarantees
-Demand guarantees
-Proof of fund messages
-Pre advices
-Comfort letters
-Ready willing and able messages
-Swift services

Sight LCs can be offered from Major / Premier Banks such as Standard Chartered , HSBC , Bank Leumi,BNP Paribas and so on…

Usance LCs can be offered from less known Banks / Secondary Institutions / NBFCs.

Finance from Banks/Individuals/NBFCs can be organised for Real Estate / Infra Projects.

We are totally receptive, flexible and willing to work on most difficult & offer you a solution but in all cases, we do not entertain nonsense. Your request should be detailed and complete. Under no circumstances we will compromise on our relations with the lenders.

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